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Research Paper Resources: APA Style

Helpful tips to assist in writing a research paper

Hanging Indents in Word

To create hanging indents in Word:

  1. Highlight the entire citation.
  2. Make sure you are on the "Home tab" and then click on Paragraph.
  3. In the paragraph window that pops up, drop down the Special: menu and select: Hanging indent.
  4. Click on OK and the second line will indent.

Help with APA style

This is a basic APA handout that gives examples of books, articles and web resources. It has been updated to reflect the changes of the 7th edition.
APA LibGuide
Created by Kent librarians to assist in citing in current APA format.
From the American Psychological Association. This site is a guide to the revised and updated 7th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. This link goes directly to frequently asked questions about APA citations and style.
From Northern Michigan University, this site provides examples of APA citations, including citations of electronic materials using the newly revised APA style guidelines.



NOTE:  The second and subsequent lines of all citations should be indented!  This is called a "hanging indent"  See instructions in the box below on how to do this in Word.  The example citations here are not indented.


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Online Journal from a Database

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Print Journal

Norton, E. (2011). Turn On the Dark. School Library Journal, 57(8), 38-43.

Web Site

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