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Early Childhood Education: Websites

Good Websites

View this video for simple information to show how you can find web information that is appropriate for University research.


Need a review of basic grammar rules? These sites will help build your knowledge of grammar.

Grammar Book

Grammar Girl

Chomp Chomp (Interactive grammar reviews)

Grammar Gold (very basic grammar rules)

Qualified Web Sites

The Educator's Reference Desk: Lesson Plans
Browse for sample lesson plans by topic or search by grade level and keywords.

EDSITEment: All Lessons
Search for sample lesson plans by grade level, subject, or subcategory.  Also has a quick search option.

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
Directory of over 1,500 teaching and learning resources from US Federal agencies covering science, math, history and language arts.

SuccessLink Lesson Plan Search
Search for sample lesson plans by keyword, content area, standards, grade range, and more.

A peer-reviewed multilingual journal on the development, care, and education of young children
Head Start is a federal program that promotes the school readiness of children ages birth to five from low-income families by enhancing their cognitive, social, and emotional development.
Ideas, tools, statistics, studies and NCLB information


Ohio's governance and administrative structures have the authority and responsibility to oversee, implement and coordinate state–funded or state–administered early childhood programs and services for children and their families.

Condition of Education
Uses key "indicators" to measure the "health of education" in six areas such as achievement, economic outcomes, size or diversity; preschool - post secondary. Past editions shelved in Government Publication compact shelving at ED 1.109.

Digest of Education Statistics
Statistical data from government and private sectors, including federal funds for education, employment and income of graduates; preschool-post secondary. Past editions shelved in Government Publication compact shelving at ED 1.326:995.

NCES Search for Schools, Colleges, and Libraries
Allows you to search by state, city, zip codes, and name for public schools, private schools, colleges, and libraries. Information about schools includes name, address, locale, number of teachers and students, enrollment by race, enrollment by grade, and more.

Projections of Education Statistics
Projects statistics on secondary and post secondary institutions in enrollment, graduates, teachers and expenditures. Past editions shelved in Government Publications compact shelving at ED 1.120.

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