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Technology Equipment: Olympus

This guide provides information about the equipment available to loan from the Stark Campus Library

Borrowing Information

You can check the availability of this equipment on KentLINK.

Borrowers: Faculty, staff, and students
Loan period: 3 days
Restrictions: none

Information about this equipment



Model Number:

 WS-400S (2), WS-110 (1)


 Digital voice recorder, 1 AAA Batery, and manual

Number for Loan:


These digital voice recorders can be used to record audio. The audio files can be uploaded to computers using a USB connection. The WS-400S model there is a gray button on the side that slides the USB connection out to connect to a computer. On the WS-110 model there is a gray release button that detaches a portion of the device and reveals the USB connection. Please remove the battery in-between uses and before returning so that acid does not bleed into the device.


 Olympus Digital Voice Recorder Contents

 Olympus Digital Voice Recorder

 Olympus Digital Voice Recorder Battery

 Olympus Digital Voice Recorder Manual