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PSYC 11761 General Psychology with Dr. A Kulics: Recognizing Journal Articles

How to find the journal article for Dr. Kulics assignment

Help with APA Style

Use the citation format tools available in the Ebsco databases or in the OLinks window for help citing articles.  (Click the FindIt! link to open the OLinks window.)  For additional help, click the link below. 

Recognizing Articles

Identifying articles.  Your assignment is to select a primary article from your textbook's bibliography.  This bibliography contains references to both books and articles.  First, you need to recognize the articles.

References are listed alphabetically by the author’s last name.  This is followed by the date of publication and then by the article title (underlined in red below). Only the first word of the title is capitalized.  This is followed by the title of the journal (underlined in green).  The title of the journal is in italics and capitalization is used.  This is followed by the volume number and page numbers (underlined in purple).


A book reference, in contrast,  looks like this::

Burke, R. J., Shearer, D., & Deszca, E., 1984. Symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Cassell Pub., New York.

The title of the book is in italics, which is followed by the publisher, and place of publication. As with journal articles, the first word in the title of the book is capitalized but the rest of the words in the title are not. Notice that there are not volume numbers or page numbers in book citations.