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Large Format Printer: Procedures

This guide describes the policy, procedures and request form for using the Library's large format poster printer.

Procedures for Using the 3D Printer and Scanner

Procedures for Large Format Printing in the
Stark Campus Library

The following procedures describe the process for requesting large format printing using the library’s HP DesignJet Z5400. Please review the policy for printing before submitting a request.

  1. All submissions will be initiated by filling out the online Large Format Printing Request form:
    1. Personal information.
    2. If you are a faculty or staff, you will need approval from the Dean's office before charging a department account.
    3. Is the submission course-related?
    4. Course/faculty information, if course-related.
    5. Description of the print job (conference poster session, course assignment, campus-sponsored event, etc.)
    6. Source (type of file) and description (list acceptable file types).
    7. Resulting size of the print job.
  2. The form submission is emailed to library staff.
  3. Library staff review the submission for initial acceptance.
  4. If the submission is denied (the print job is too large, the file type is not compatible, etc.) library staff will inform the submitter.
  5. If the submission is provisionally approved, the submitter will be informed and asked to bring their file in for evaluation by library staff.
  6. Library staff will evaluate the file submission (using the HP Z500 preview feature).
  7. An estimate of costs will be provided to the submitter (at a rate of $5.00 per linear foot, rounded to the nearest foot).
  8. If a department account is to be charged, approval from the Dean's office is required before printing.
  9. If the print job fails due to a printer malfunction, the print job will be resubmitted (no additional costs will be incurred and only completed print jobs will be charged a fee).
  10. After completion of the print job, the object will be stored at the circulation desk. The submitter will be notified that the object is ready to pick up and be given the final costs. The fee will be collected at the time the item is picked up at the circulation desk.
  11. Any print jobs not picked up within 14 days of notification may be discarded by the library.