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Large Format Printer: Policy

This guide describes the policy, procedures and request form for using the Library's large format poster printer.

Policy for Using the 3D Printer and Scanner

Policy for Large Format Printing in the
Stark Campus Library

The following policy describes how the large format printer currently available in the Stark Campus Library can be used. Please consult library staff if you have questions or concerns regarding the use of the printer.

The HP DesignJet Z5400 printer is currently located on the first floor of the library (behind the teaching area). It can be used by Stark Campus students, faculty, or staff. Its primary purpose is to support academic activities (poster sessions at conferences, course projects, etc.) or to promote campus-sponsored events (posters for musical programs, for example).

Usage Priority and Scheduling
Under the supervision of library staff, anyone can submit a request for printing. The scheduling of print jobs will be set by library staff, based on the priority of the print job. Highest priority will be given to students and faculty working on class projects or research-related activities (like a poster session at a conference). The large format printer can also be used to promote campus-sponsored events, but will be given lower priority. The printer cannot be used for non-academic purposes or to promote events not sponsored by the Stark Campus.

A Mediated Service
Some users may have experience using large format printers. Still, this is a mediated service and staff will oversee all print jobs. If repeat users (faculty, for example) become familiar with operating the printer after multiple uses, those users may be given more freedom in handling the printer for their own print jobs.

Submission Process
The library will review online submissions for using the large format printer. The review is done to determine the size of the resulting printout, the estimated time to print the item, the nature of print job, any copyright implications, and an estimate of the cost. If the purpose of the print job is to complete an assignment for a course or is being conducted under the supervision of Stark faculty, the faculty member may be consulted to make sure that the print job meets their expectations. After reviewing the submission (and potentially consulting faculty), the library will determine the scheduling (priority) of the print job. As to the nature of the submission, the library is under no obligation to print any and all submissions and reserves the right to deny access to the large format printer for any reason. Appeals for denials of use of the large format printer can be directed to the Stark Campus Deans Office for review. Requests for use of the large format printer will be reviewed for copyright implications as well. If print jobs are determined to have potential intellectual property rights or copyright violations, those requests will be denied.

Cost for Printing
As long as the print job has an academic purpose or is associated with a campus-sponsored event, the item will be printed for a fee of $5.00 per linear foot, rounded to the nearest foot. The fee will be estimated after project approval and collected when the item is fully printed and ready to be picked up by the user. Defective print jobs due to malfunction of the printer will be reprinted at no extra cost to the user. Defective print jobs due to a design error in the file will still be charged the standard fee. The library provides no guarantee as to the quality of any large format print job. If faculty or staff plan to charge a print job to their departmental account, they must provide the account number and get permission to charge the account from the Dean's office. Departmental charges must be approved by the Dean's office before printing.

Acceptable Files
The HP DesignJet Z5400 printer software accepts some common file types (PDF, Adobe Postscript 3.0, TIFF, JPEG, CALS G4, HP PCL, 3 GUI, HP-GL/2, and HP=RTL). Regardless of the original application used to create the file, if the user can convert it to an Adobe PDF, it should produce a printable file.

The library is offering the ability for users to create a large format print job. The library does not offer the capability of creating or designing files from scratch or for editing submitted files. It is the user’s responsibility to deliver an acceptable file for printing.

Given that this is new and somewhat unfamiliar technology, the Stark Campus Library reserves the right to change these policies and procedures at any time.