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Keep Teaching - Faculty Resources: Update Your Schedule

Ideas to Consider


Review your course schedule for the rest of the semester and identify content or topics can be arranged or altered to make it easier to transition to an online format. Are there topics you prefer to cover in person? If so, can you move them ahead in the schedule? Consider how any changes will impact deadlines or due dates and how your students will submit their work.

Update your syllabus with any changes. Make sure that your syllabus includes the following statement:

“This syllabus reflects a plan for the semester.  Deviations may become necessary as the semester progresses.”

The sudden move to online may mean you need to allow greater flexibility with policies for class attendance and missed assignments. You may have sick students in your class who might miss instruction due to illness and could be unable to get to a doctor for required documentation. Student might also have issues with accessing the necessary technology and connectivity needed for the move online.

When you modify your assignment due dates, please consider making adjustments that will not overwhelm students upon their return to campus. 

Support Each Other


Where possible, consider co-developing content with your colleagues who teach sections of the same course. When working in pairs or in groups, you may find you have far fewer lessons to re-create as online versions.

Every faculty member should develop a contingency plan for their course instruction and be prepared to address strategies to respond to changes in the schedule. 

Check with your academic unit's website for additional resources and guidelines. 

Ask staff for support. 


Stay Informed