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NURS 44000: Population-Based Nursing for Professional Nursing Practice

Social Determinants of Health

Why do this Community Nursing Assessment?

What is the relationship between the social environment of a community and its health?

Acknowledging that the social environment influences population health, the Healthy People 2020 initiative includes a focus on the Social Determinants of Health:

  • Economic Stability
  • Education
  • Social and Community Context
  • Health and Health Care
  • Neighborhood and Built Environment

How can you as a nurse help create social and physical environments that promote good health for all?

QUAD Council Competencies

"The community health nursing course  is designed to meet the  Community Health Nursing Competencies established by the  Quad Council (ACHNE is one of its affiliate organizations) ... Students work in groups to collect community assessment data; analyze the data to determine the strengths and/or needs of an assigned geopolitical community; develop a Community Nursing Diagnosis; identify outcomes; and develop and evaluate a  real-time program."

   - Professor Nancy Jones

Quad Council Community Health Nursing Competencies for 2018.