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College Writing II: Schirack: Off-Campus Access Instructions

New KSU Proxy

KSU Proxy is a new service to access library resources remotely. 

Click here to learn more about how the Proxy service works.

Kent State Stark - VPN Download Information

Download the VPN (Virtual Private Network) to gain off-campus access Kent State University's collection of electronic library resources. The benefit of using the VPN, as opposed to the OhioLINK Authentication method (explained below) is that, once installed and running, your computer will act as if it is on-campus, and you will have access to all licensed resources. Instructions and step-by-step screenshots can be found at Information Services's Tech Help Center:

Follow these links in order to download the VPN:

  1. Installation and connection instructions for Windows

  2. Installation and connection instructions for Mac OS X

  3. Instructions for setting up the VPN for iOS mobile devices

  4. Instructions for setting up the VPN for Linux systems


VPN Troubleshooting

Visit Kent State University's technology support page for a list of common vpn technology issues and how to solve them.


Visit Kent State University's technology support page for a list of frequently asked questions.

Contact Network Services if you are experiencing issues.

Kent State Stark - OhioLINK Authentication

Kent State University users can also access resources off-campus by using OhioLINK's authentication.  You will only be able to access resources with the OhioLINK icon through this method.  As opposed to the VPN, you will not need to install any software, however, you will only have access to resources licensed through OhioLINK. You will need your Banner ID number to authenticate. 

OhioLINK Authentication

Stark State - OhioLINK Authentication


Stark State users can only access resources off-campus by OhioLINK's authentication.  Look for the OhioLINK icon  to identify resources that are available off-campus.  To authenticate, use the link below.

OhioLINK Authentication

On the OhioLINK Authentication screen, select Stark State College of Technology from the drop-down list.

Use your Stark State username and password.  Click here for additional information about your username and password.

Additional Information

Stark State users do not have access to Kent State University's VPN.  However, Stark State users can access all electronic library resources while in the Stark Campus Library.