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ENG 11011-805 College Writing I (Patterson): Writing Center

KSU Tuscarawas Writing Center


Writing Center hours:

Please submit papers through email for review to the OWL at:

Writing Center Services

Located in the Academic Learning Commons (Library) the writing center offers free face to face and e-mail consultations. 

Goal -Our primary goal is to help those who come to the Writing Center become more competent and self-confident writers. 

User Centered Support - We provide free personal support to writers at all levels of proficiency. We strive to be adaptable, to assist at any stage of the writing process, and to focus each session on helping with the concepts, skills, and strategies that most concern each writer. 

Ethical Concerns - We support writers within appropriate boundaries. We do not encroach on the role of the teacher by attempting to evaluate or grade student writing. We assist students in their work but never do it for them. We maintain appropriate confidentiality for  all clients. 

Attitude - We maintain a Writing Center that is a pleasant place to be, staffed by people who are enjoyable to work with. Writers can rely on our friendliness, enthusiasm, and positive attitude. 



Contact us

Please feel free to stop by the Writing Center for help

You can e-mail us at

or call us at 330-308-7441