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Life Skills 101

Life Skills Teams

Life Skills 101 is a collaboration between students, faculty and staff of Kent State University Tuscarawas. 

The idea of Life Skills 101 came from our students. Students asked for more information on those aspects of life that you might not have thought of or prepared to address. 

The KSU Tusc Academic Library Committee took on the task of identifying subjects that were important to our students. 

Students were surveyed on various topics and the committee used the results of the survey to develop a Life Skills 101 Workshop Series. 

The workshops are designed and presented by faculty, staff and community leaders. 

We are excited to offer these workshops and we look forward to offering a variety of topics each semester. 

Spring 2020 Topics and Dates

February 27 @ noon- Finance and Budgeting


March 11 @noon- Basic Car Maintenance


March 17 @noon- Resumes


March 18 @noon- Interview Skills


April - 8 @noon- Apartment Living 101   (landlords, roommates, repairs)


April - 15 @noon- How to De-Stress


April- TBA@ noon- Basic First Aid