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About the Library

The following information should help you get more acquainted to specific elements of the Stark Campus Library.


  • Circulation: Lets eligible library users know what loan periods, fines, etc. are associated with materials borrowed from the library. If you have concerns about a library fee or fine, please review the university's policy on waiving fines, fees, or other charges. If you wish to appeal a fine, fee or charge, please fill out and submit the Library Fine Appeal Form.
  • Library Laptops: The library has several laptop computers that students can check out and use within the building for doing library work in our wireless environment. You can read the policy for borrowing a laptop, Or read the agreement each student must sign before using a laptop.
  • The library does charge to print in the library. A Flashcard is required. You can access your Flashcard account to put money on it using a credit card or pay cash at the Circulation desk.
  • The library has Group Study rooms on the second floor. Except for room 207, anyone may use them on a first-come, first-served basis. The purpose of these rooms is for groups (more than a single person) to be able to study together and cause less disturbance to individuals studying on the second floor. Individuals may also use the rooms but should realize that if a group needs to use a room occupied by one person, that person will have to relinquish the room to the group. When not reserved, room 207 is treated as the others. If you wish to reserve room 207, please read the instructions and fill out our online Group Study Room Request Form.
  • Donations: If you would like to consider donating materials to the library, please read our policy. If you do donate, you must complete and submit a form along with your donation.

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