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University Libraries Reopening Plan

This guide provides information on the staged reopening of Kent State University Libraries during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kent State University Libraries Reopening Plan

Learn about the phased reopening plan for Kent State University Libraries during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please note that these plans may change at any time due to changes in University, State or CDC Guidelines regarding the COVID-19 virus.

General Principles

University Libraries (UL) has initiated a planning process for restarting the provision of needed UL services to support the research and teaching missions of the University.  We are also engaged in planning a phased reopening of all our library facilities for the provision of print material and other resources to our campus constituents.  UL’s Reopening Plan generally coincides with the University’s Phased Plan for Returning to Campus.  The hope is to progress through each phase of this Plan with the understanding that we may have to revert to a previous Phase if the circumstances warrant.

  1. KSUL will strive to be reasonable, flexible, inclusive and equitable in developing and implementing its reopening plan.
  2. All constituents must abide by the Flashes “Safe Seven” Principles at all times.  These principles include using PPE, practicing of hand hygiene and cough etiquette, sanitizing of personal workspace and shared spaces, physical distancing of at least 6 feet, daily self-monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms, using available campus resources, and showing kindness and respect to all – Flashes taking care of Flashes.
  3.  As a core value, work that can be done remotely by UL faculty and staff should be done remotely throughout each phase.  This will help ensure the safety of all faculty, staff, and students.  Scheduling of faculty and staff for both on-site work and off-site work will be agreed upon by the faculty or staff member and their  immediate supervisor, under the oversight of the appropriate Asst./Assoc. Dean and adhering to the Provost Office’s directive.
  4. Staff will adhere to established CDC and State of Ohio guidelines in the work environment.
  5. Maintenance and custodial staff will maintain public spaces including proper building sanitation and ventilation.
  6. Non-compliance of the Flashes “Safe Seven” Principles will be addressed by following University and/or University Libraries protocols.  
  7. Ongoing assessment of all building space and services for determining needed resources and to implement changes for the purpose of maintaining a safe work environment for all building occupants (e.g., signage, spacing and space capacity, equipment and furniture configuration).