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Nursing: Special Topics

Library Orientation

A library orientation for Nursing students and new faculty is at: This replaces the former "Searching the Nursing Literature" which had been available to all students on Vista.

Special Topics Guides

Cited References:  guide to finding cited references in nursing using CINAHL and the Citation Indexes.

Community Health Assessment: guide to health, demographic, labor, and crime statistics.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine: sources for information about various complementary and alternative therapies.

Evidence-Based Practice: tools for finding quality research, clinical practice guidelines, and clinical trials for use in making health care decisions.

Health Care System:  sites providing information on hospices, hospitals, nursing homes, and physicians.

Multicultural Health:  resources to aid the health care professional in providing culturally sensitive patient care.

Nursing Theorists:  resources on theorists, available in print and on the Web, as well has how to search for information.

Research Instruments and Datasets: key sources for identifying research instruments and datasets in the health sciences.