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HIP: Researching a Healthcare Career: Start Here

Resources to help you find information for your Career Exploration presentation

Welcome Healthcare in Progress Students!

JUNE 2016

Career Exploration Websites

For YOUR presentation!

Research this information about the career you are considering:

  • Typical job title(s)
  • Description of the profession
  • Typical job duties and activities
  • Typical working hours
  • Average salary
  • Future workforce demand
  • Educational preparation
    • Level of degree needed -- bachelor, master, etc.
    • Preferred college majors
    • Needed skills
    • Universities/Colleges offering programs
      • Choose two -- one in Ohio and one out of state
      • Location
      • Size/Number of students
    • Expenses
      • Tuition
      • Room and board
    • Admission requirements
      • Admission deadline
      • High School coursework required
      • Minimum GPA; class rank accepted
      • ACT/SAT score preferred