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Introduction to Human Development & Family Studies: Getting Started

Library Assignment

This assignment is designed to help you learn about the library. Below are the steps that you will need to take to complete the assignment:

1. Pick a topic or research question. If you have a paper due for another class you may use the same topic to help save you time. The information you find for this assignment can help you write the paper for your other class.

2. Fill out an Identifying Key Concepts sheet (provided in the box below). This helps you think about keywords and synonyms.

3. Find 3 articles on the topic. You can find articles using the library research databases. After you have read the articles, write an abstract of each article.

4. Find 2 website on the topic. Fill out a WebSite Evluation Sheet (provided in the box below) for each website. In addition to the website evaluation sheet, you also need to write an abstract for each website.

Handouts you need!

For your assignment you will need to turn in an Identifying Key Concepts worksheet. You will also need to turn in a Website evaluation form for each website. Both of those forms are below.