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Education in a Democratic Society: Welcome

Setting up the VPN

This video will show you how to install the VPN so you can access the databases from off-campus.

Introduction to this Guide

This guide is designed to help student's enrolled in Dr. Clark's Education in a Democratct Society. Each tab listed above contains resources that will assist you in completing assignments. Keep in mind that while much information can be found online sometimes the best information can still be found in print resources. On some of the pages you will notice video clips, these demonstrate how to use resources.

Databases: This tab contains databases that you can use to find information on education topics both in the United States and other countries.

Cultural Resources: This tab lists some books that provide information on other countries legal and educational systems. There are also links to websites that provide information on other countries.

Google International: There are different versions of Google for other countries. This tab provides links to those versions of Google.

APA Style: This tab provides information on how to properly cite resources using APA.