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E-books From CPM Library

BRS E-BOOK Database

BRS Board Review E-Books.  All subjects!

For off-campus use, you have to use the Kent State GlobalProtect VPN.  See below for more info.

Kent State GlobalProtect VPN

Some of our library resources cannot be accessed from off-campus via KSU Proxy and need a connection to the Kent State GlobalProtect VPN in order to use them, so here are directions on how to download and connect to the Kent State GlobalProtect VPN. 

To download the Kent State GlobalProtect VPN on your computer: 

  1. Click on Kent State Software  . You will be asked to sign in using your Kent State University email address and Flashline password in order to get to the Kent State Software Catalog page.
  2. On the Kent State Software Catalog page, type VPN in the Search for Software Name, Description, or Version box and click the Search button. 
  3. You will get the result that has KSU VPN - Global Protect in the title.  Click the View Details button and follow the instructions provided in the KSU VPN - Global Protect version 5.2 box to download and to connect to the VPN. 

To connect to the Kent State GlobalProtect VPN once it is installed:

  1. Find the icon in the taskbar that looks like a globe and click on it. A box will appear on the screen. Click on the Connect button.
  2. A GlobalProtect Login screen will appear where you will be asked to sign in. You may also be asked to verify your sign in via your Microsoft Authenticator app or text message.

Please note: Not all of the library resources and databases can be accessed via the Kent State GlobalProtect VPN.  If you have trouble accessing other resources and databases, please disconnect the VPN first.  

Print Books- Borrow for 3 weeks

Other Resources

TO LOG IN: Go to  Click on "LOGIN" in the upper right corner.  Click on "MEDICAL."  Click "CONTINUE WITH YOUR SCHOOL" - DO NOT use Log In on the top of the screen.  Use your Flashline credentials to log in.  You should be in at this point.  

AFTER REGISTERING, always use this link:  Kent State - Boards & Beyond

To REGISTER, you must be on campus or using the Kent VPN.  Please go to:  

Click on the link that says: Icon for electronic resource that opens in new windowAccess is for College of Podiatric Medicine, ONLY. Users must follow instructions to establish an account.  Carefully follow the directions.  ACCESS CODE is located on that page.

Available for six months before the APMLE exam.  Go to  Click the “Register” link in the upper right hand corner.  You must use your Kent State email address to register and you will remain in Board Vitals for Part 2.  Register with your name and Kent email, then create a password future use.   IMPORTANT:  Once you register, you will get TWO emails.  One welcomes you and one is a CONFIRMATION EMAIL that you need to click to confirm your email address.  THIS EMAIL OFTEN GOES TO THE JUNK or SPAM FOLDER.  Once you confirm your email, you should see the APMLE Part 1 Question Bank.

Access Medicine logo

Study Tools - Review Questions - Basic Science quiz banks and flashcards.  PLEASE NOTE: Create your own FREE "MyAccess Profile" to take quizzes. 

Anatomy TV logo

3D Anatomy website.

BlueLink logo

University of Michigan Medical School provides a free anatomy website with quizzes.

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USMLE Practice Questions.

WebAnatomy logo

University of Minnesota offers free self tests in anatomy.

Gold Standard USMLE Step 1 Review - on Library iPods.  iPods can be borrowed for one week. 

The review series has two speeds.  1) Regular speed - 772 topics.  2) Fast speed - 29 topics.  

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