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Zotero, EndNote, Mendeley. Managing your library research.

What "research" are you talking about ? What is "library research" ?

  • All students and faculty work on projects such as papers, theses, dissertations, articles, or grants.
  • In these projects students or faculty are writing about topics, to answer questions or to solve problems.
  • The methods and tools used to learn about topics, or to answer questions, or to solve problems can vary depending on the subject.
  • However, in all disciplines these kinds of projects require what is found in library research.
  • Library research involves all of the activities used to find and then use the content in “published information resources”.
  • Examples of “published resources” include books, articles, conference proceedings, reports, dissertations, web sites, blogs, and more. Of course these different resources can differ in quality and relevance for research topics.
  • Clearly library research involves complex activities and a significant amount of effort.  
  • All of these library research activities need to be carefully and efficiently managed.
  • This guide is about software that can be used to help manage library research activities.