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Nurse Educator Resources: Evidence for Education

Evidence-Based Teaching

Don't skip this first step of EBT!

Try tanslating your teaching information need into a searchable question using the STCO method to guide your search for evidence. 

Define your question in terms of:

Teaching strategy

Emerson, R., & Records, K. (2008). Today's challenge, tomorrow's excellence: the practice of evidence-based education. Journal of Nursing Education, 47(8), 359-370. 

For more tips on posing questions for EBT, see also pages 10-15 in:
Cannon, S., & Boswell, C. (2012). Evidence-based teaching in nursing: A foundation for educators.

About EBE

What is EBE?

"The integration of professional wisdom with the best available empirical evidence in making decisions about how to deliver instruction."

What are the best levels of evidence to inform teaching and learning strategies?

Read this article to find out more!

Pilcher, J., & Bedford, L. A. (2011). Hierarchies of Evidence in Education. Journal Of Continuing Education In Nursing, 42(8), 371-377.

Education Research and Practice

Search in the education databases to locate research on educational practices and interventions at all levels of instruction.

Psychology and Learning

Consider searching the psychology subject databases if research focusing on the learning process might be helpful!

Combined Database Search

You can search all three of KSU's education-related databases at the same time!

Click on the "Choose Databases" link above the search boxes on the database search page to get to the database menu list.