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Transitioning to College : Educators

Resources for eductors interested in preparing students for the transition to college.

Helping Students Make the Transition

Most students are not prepared for the new independence and personal responsibility that comes with college.

You can help prepare students by working with them to identify the differences between high school and college. Help them brainstorm strategies for overcoming these changes. Well informed students will find the transition easier.




Developing Strong Information Literacy Skills

College professors expect first-year students to have a solid understanding of the research process and to be adept at using a library.  High school students benefit from a strong information literacy program that incorporates research, critical thinking, and writing.

Use these assessment tools to evaluate students' current skill level and determine which skills to focus on in the classroom.

    High school and first-year college students
    College students

Use information literacy standards to create learning outcomes and develop lessons plans.

Connect information literacy to the Common Core State Standards. 

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