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Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR): Other ICPSR Services

Other ICPSR Services

What other services does ICPSR offer to its member institutions?

  • Summer Program in Quantitative Methods This is a link to another web site
    Both introductory and advanced courses are offered for social science faculty, graduate students, and research professionals wishing to study quantitative methodology.
  • Data sets in this collection include all data and information necessary to permit another researcher to replicate a corresponding published article, book, or Publications-Related ArchiveThis is a link to another web site
  • SDA Online Data Analysis System This is a link to another web site
    Selected ICPSR data collections are available for online data analysis. You can perform certain statistical procedures on the data, create custom subsets, or browse the codebook on the Internet, without downloading the entire collection and importing the data into a statistical software package.