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Family Life Education Methodology: Titles

Book Titles

There are certain things to keep in mind when writing a title according to APA style.

  • Book  and journal titles are italicized.
  • Book chapter titles and article titles are written plainly. They are NOT italicized, underlined, or placed in quotation marks.
  • For both book titles, book chapter titles, and article titles only the firs word of the title, a sub-title, or a proper noun are capitalized.
  • For journal titles, the entire title (except for a, an, and, ect.) are capitalized.



Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (book title, American Psychological Association is proper noun so it is capitalized)

Toward assessment of teachers' receptivity to change in Singapore: A case study (chapter title, Singapore is a proper noun and A is the first word of the sub-title so they are capitalized)

It's not just notation: Valuing children's notations (article title, Valuing is the first word of a sub-title so it is capitalized)

Teaching Children Mathematics (journal title)

The Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (journal title, notice the common words are not capitalized)


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