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University Libraries Reopening Plan

This guide provides information on the staged reopening of Kent State University Libraries during the COVID-19 pandemic.

FAQs (Under Construction)

Physical Distancing

Q1.  What is the elevator capacity for each car?
  The University Architect’s Office has determined that two (2) individuals positioned diagonal from one another would be acceptable.

Q2.  Will common spaces have equipment/furniture removed to promote physical distancing?
A2.  Yes.  During a walk-through by representative from the Architect’s Office and Library Administration, each common area was assessed.  Recommendations were provided for space configuration and capacity for classrooms, lab areas, restrooms, and elevator cars. The recommendations will be accomplished by removal of furniture and equipment along with signage for areas where removal of equipment is not possible (e.g., restrooms). Supervisors will be asked to reconfigure workspaces and break areas to comply with the physical distancing guidelines (possible University movers and/or Systems staff may become involved). Staggered staff scheduling could also help with physical distancing concerns.

Q3.   What protective coverings are required when entering a library?
According to the Unversity’s “Safe Seven Principle #1”, masks are required to be worn by all individuals unless there is a medical condition that would prohibit wearing a face covering.

Q4.  Will there be a designated individual or “force” to enforce the Safe Seven guidelines of the University?


Q1.   W
hen will masks be required to be worn?
A1.   Masks should always be worn when interacting with co-workers and/or the public, while moving to or in common areas (e.g., hallways, stairwells, restrooms, breakrooms), and in compliance with the Flashes Safe Seven.

Q2.   When will gloves be required to be worn?
A2.    Gloves will be required to be worn when handling materials that have not been quarantined for the CDC  requirement of 72 hours.

Q3.   Will the University provide PPEs for employees and/or students?
The University will be providing two (2) cloth face masks to faculty, staff, and students for use. No other personal protective equipment will be provided at this time.

Library Buildings – Keeping us safe

Q1.  Who will enforce the compliance of the University’s Safe Seven guidelines dealing with the use of  PPEs and maintaining physical distancing?

Q2.  Will there be checklists available for the purpose of maintaining a clean, safe environment – sanitizing shared surfaces like door handles, elevator buttons, book carts, etc.?
This process will be monitored and completed by Custodial Services daily.   

Q3.  What type of signage will be used and where will signage be placed for safety concerns?
There will be an abundance of signs, placards, floor decals, etc. displayed in critical, high-use areas to control traffic flow and physical distancing, and to inform users of proper hygiene.     

Q4.   What type and method of sanitizing of public shared equipment (e.g., computer keyboards, public printers) will be made available?
Spray sanitizer and micro-fiber cloths will be provided for computer keyboards, monitors, public printers, copiers, scanning equipment, microfilm viewers, and other equipment for public use (e.g., FLASHCard machine, staplers, 3-hole punch).