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University Libraries Reopening Plan

This guide provides information on the staged reopening of Kent State University Libraries during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Phase 4B: Key Triggers

  • All instruction switches to remote/online
  • Most students exit campus
  • Decisions, Discussions, Decisions

Phase 4B will require decisions concerning the extent of the reversion to a prior Phase and how will the Libraries reopen for the Spring Semester.  Things to consider will be the retaining of select student employees to help with the processing of returned material typical of this time of the semester and the continued monitoring of service points if the building remains open.  A decision on building access – will the building be closed to all but necessary employees? – will need to be made.  There will be a discussion on the assessment of operations during the Fall Semester and what changes could/need to be made for the Spring Semester. 

Phase 4B: People and Needs

  1. Maintain staffing levels found in Phase 4A as determined by need, departmental supervisors, and under the oversight of the appropriate Asst./Assoc Deans, adhering to the Provost Office’s directive.