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University Libraries Reopening Plan

This guide provides information on the staged reopening of Kent State University Libraries during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Phase 4A: Key Triggers

  • Students on campus and engaged.
  • Library locations open to the public with new hours.
  • Departments with services open but with modifications (Spec Coll, SMS, University Press, LaunchNet, Tech Help, SAS, Circulation, etc.)   Material accessibility expanded.  Pick up locations expanded.

Phase 4A represents some sense of normalcy for the University (or as close as we may get before a vaccine is available for COVID-19).  With the increasing availability of print resources and students on campus, activity around service points at all locations will increase.  The provision of reference service and instruction will continue to evolve as new approaches are tried while maintaining current methods.  All departments and all Library staff will need to adjust to the hybrid work environment (on/off site schedules) and the redefining of work responsibilities because of retirements and/or budget constraints.  

Phase 4A: People and Needs

  1. Student workers should be hired and in place in all departments.
  2. An evaluation of staff and work capacity will be completed to determine if additional numbers are needed in-building or if additional work could be transferred to off-site.
  3. Influenza season is upon us during this time.  Staff will need to be more cognizant of their environment and react appropriately to situations that may affect the safety of all.
  4. Staff will need to prepare for reversion to providing services that best serve remote instruction including discussion of related staffing issues.