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University Libraries Reopening Plan

This guide provides information on the staged reopening of Kent State University Libraries during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Phase 3: Key Triggers

  • Phased return of students to campus beginning August 19th. 
  • Student hiring decisions made
  • Confirmed opening date for University Library with reduced hours (August 17th).
  • Modified access to building (hours, services, locations, collections)
  • OhioLINK lending has resumed (August 10th). 
  • Reopening of non-affiliated services (One Stop, SAS)
  • Preparing physical space for reopening to public
  • Training of library staff in the areas of public and personal health, general safety guidelines, and conflict resolution.

In addition to the activities that occurred in the prior phases, Phase 3 will see increased activity on campus from researchers, faculty, new and returning students, and an increased staff presence. Decisions will need to be finalized on building access (times and locations) and services offered (classroom instruction, reference services, study rooms, research carrels). Policies will need to be created and/or modified to aid library employees when encountering situations that will require guidance. Installation or removal of all equipment needs to be completed and signage needs to be in place. All PPE should be received by staff. Sanitizing sundries should be received and in place (public and staff workspaces).

Phase 3: People and Needs

1.  Staff needed to prepare the library for reopening return to some on-site work on a staggered schedule.
2.  All staff and departmental meetings including student staff should take place to discuss a plan of
     action. Departmental Reopening Plans need to be reviewed.
3.  Systems staff will be needed for reconfiguration of computer lab areas.
4.  A meeting with library staff and non-affiliated services located in the building should take place to
     discuss a plan of action.
5.  A walk-through by department managers and library administrators needs to take place to ensure
     building readiness.