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University Libraries Reopening Plan

This guide provides information on the staged reopening of Kent State University Libraries during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Phase 2: Key Triggers

  • Provisioning of print resources through patron requesting.
  • Curbside pickup service begins July 6th.
  • Possible return of OhioLink/SearchOhio lending (tentative date of August 10)
  • Scheduled campus tours begin on July 20th with intention of visiting the University Library.
  • Possible return of non-affiliated services within UL (One Stop, SAS, Help Desk, etc.)
  • Return of minimal student activity on campus

In addition to Recent and Phase 1 activities, University Libraries will remain closed to the campus community (except for campus tours) but will begin additional activity including providing curbside delivery of requested items.  The need of additional staff or increased in-building hours of current staff is not known at this time because of the uncertainty of the last three (3) triggers listed above. 

Phase 2: People and Needs

  1. The introduction of additional in-building staff from multiple departments to help with the processing of requested items.  This process includes printing paging slips, paging items, activating holds on requested items, organizing items on Hold Shelf, scheduling patron pickup times, preparing items for pickup including checking out items to patron and bagging items, preparing daily cart of items to be picked up, responding to arriving patrons for pickup, and delivery of items to patrons.       
  2. Possible need of additional staff in the Mail Room, Technical Services, and Circulation if state-wide lending opens.
  3. Possible introduction of student employment if non-affiliated services open within the building to monitor service desks.   
  4. Additional staff and/or University Movers should begin the moving/rearranging of furniture and equipment to begin to prepare the building for opening.  
  5. Signage plan is developed and implemented for University Library floors 1 thru 4 and branch libraries.
  6. Floors 5 and above are prepared for staff-only access for the fall.
  7. Research carrels are cleared and keys returned.