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Fundamentals of Marketing Technology: Marketing Resources

Getting Started

Developing a Research Plan

Now that you have identified a service or a product, you need to determine a plan for your research.

  1. Review the assignment requirements to map out your marketing research plan.
  2. Determine which resources will help you find the answers to the questions in your plan.
  3. Begin collecting data and develop additional questions to address missing information.
  4. Examine information – take notes – find additional information.
  5. Begin writing the first drafts of your reports.
  6. Review the assignment requirements to see if all the elements are in your first draft.

Where can I find out information about the company and its products?

  • Company and product reports and profiles
  • Annual and earning reports and market announcements
  • Journal and industry articles
  • Newspaper articles and media
  • Credible websites

Business News & Industry Databases

Market Research & Industry Reports

Corporate Industry Reports

General Library Resources

KSU Marketing Research Library Quick Links

The following quick links provide access to Kent State University library guides created for business related research and could prove useful for finding materials for marketing research.