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APA - 6th edition: Reference Lists

Sample reference list

Below are some basic rules to follow when creating a reference list:

  • Always double-space your reference list
  • Always indent the second and subsequent lines of a citation
  • Always arrange your reference list alphabetically by author's last name
  • Only use the author's initials for his or her first and middle names
  • Make sure to list all the authors on the reference list up to 7 (you do not use et al. on the reference page)
  • Use the & symbol before the last author listed
  • Italicize journal or magazine titles and the volume number
  • Italicize book titles
  • Only capitalize the first word of a title, subtitle, or proper noun in book, book chapter, or article titles
  • Make sure you know the format of the item you are citing (print or electronic) it can make a difference

The pdf below is a sample reference page. It has 1 inch margins, the running head, and page numbers.