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MCLS 40525: Inquiry into Professional Practice: Getting Started

Education Databases

Education Research Databases -

Research databases index a variety of resources, including journal articles, books, book essays, dissertations, conference papers, independent research reports (such as ERIC documents) and more.  You can access these databases from off-campus if you authenticate. Instructions on off campus access are available here:

Search Strategy Resources

We will begin with a Clicker activity in class. Here are few other search strategy resources:

Developing a Search Strategy  Covers identifying keywords, brainstorming for synonyms and applying Boolean connectors and other search techniques.

Need Help? Ask Us!

Ask a Librarian Service:   Just look for the icon below on the Libraries web site and click on it for more info on how to reach us …

In Person

By Phone

Via email                                

Via IM

Via text

PERC (PErsonalized Research Consultation) – you can make an appointment for one-on-one help at the Main Library . Go to