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Library Support for College Writing and Freshman Honors Colloquium: Tutorials & Quiz Instructions

Library Tutorials & Quizzes

University Libraries offers 9 basic Library Tutorials geared toward the first year writing programs. 

1. Introduction to University Libraries

2. KentLINK and OhioLINK

3. Basic Search Strategies

4. Searching Discovery@KentState- Suite of 4 short tutorials

5. Evaluating Information on the Web

6. MLA Style 8th Edition: Module 1- Style Basics

7. MLA Style 8th Edition: Module 2- In-Text Citation

8. MLA Style 8th Edition: Module 3- Works Cited Basics

9. MLA Style 8th Edition: Module 4- Citing Books, Articles, and More

10. Librarians Can Help

For more detail, see the tutorials here:

Five 10-question quizzes accompany these tutorials (a single quiz covers tutorials 1 and 2, and also for the four tutorials for MLA Style. There is no quiz for #10.). Here is some basic information about the quizzes:

  • The quizzes live in your Blackboard Learn course sections. 
  • Instructions for placing them in your course can be found below. 
  • They are based on question banks that randomly call up ten questions for each quiz. 
  • They are meant to be low-stakes assessments that signify that students have achieved an introductory understanding of the content. 
  • Student scores will report to your grade book in Blackboard Learn.
  • We recommend score of 8 or above for passing credit for each quiz.

See the Program page of this guide for course recommendations.

Blackboard Learn Import Instructions

Importing the Library Tutorials & Quizzes to your Blackboard course section only takes a few minutes.

Import Packages for Blackboard Learn

New packages for Fall 2019 should be available by the end of the day 8/22/19. For questions contact Tammy Voelker: