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Library Support for College Writing and Freshman Honors Colloquium: Tutorials & Quiz Instructions

Library Tutorials & Quizzes

University Libraries offers Library Tutorials geared toward the first year writing programs. 

1. Introduction to University Libraries

2. KentLINK and OhioLINK

3. Basic Search Strategies

4.1-4.4. Searching Discovery@KentState- Suite of 4 short tutorials

5. Evaluating Information on the Web

6. MLA Style 8th Edition: Module 1- Style Basics

7. MLA Style 8th Edition: Module 2- In-Text Citation

8. MLA Style 8th Edition: Module 3- Works Cited Basics

9. MLA Style 8th Edition: Module 4- Citing Books, Articles, and More

10. Librarians Can Help

11. APA1: The Basics

12. APA 2: Citing Books

13. APA 3: Citing Scholarly Journals

14. APA 4: Citing Online Reosurces

15. APA 5: Putting It All Together

(Note: APA tutorials are for the 6th edition. The new 7th edition of APA comes out in October 2019. The tutorials will be updated to reflect any changes by Spring 2020.)

For more detail, see the tutorials here:

Six 10-question quizzes are available to accompany these tutorials (a single quiz covers tutorials 1 and 2, and also for the four tutorials for MLA Style and the 5 in the APA style suite. There is no quiz for #10.). Here is some basic information about the quizzes:

  • The quizzes live in your Blackboard Learn course sections. 
  • Instructions for placing them in your course can be found below. 
  • They are based on question banks that randomly call up ten questions for each quiz. 
  • They are meant to be low-stakes assessments that signify that students have achieved an introductory understanding of the content. 
  • Student scores will report to your grade book in Blackboard Learn.
  • We recommend score of 8 or above for passing credit for each quiz.

See the Program page of this guide for course recommendations.

Blackboard Learn Import Instructions

Importing the Library Tutorials & Quizzes to your Blackboard course section only takes a few minutes.

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