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Librarian for EHHS

Vanessa Earp
Room 161 University Libraries

Head of Instructional Services. Librarian for the College of Education, Health, & Human Services. Associate Professor

Global Learning Welcome

This libguide will provide information for EHHS Faculty interested in adding a global learning component to their courses.

Global Learning Study Group

Facilitators: Mary Ann Devine (FLA) & Averil McClelland (FLA)

Joanne Arhar (Associate Dean, EHHS)

Maureen Blankemeyer (LDES)

Ken Cushner (TLC)

Vanessa Earp (Education Librarian)

Jen Fisette (TLC)

Eun-Jeong (Angie) Ha (HS)

Ediz Kaykayoglu (Special Assistant Office of International Affairs)

Marty Lash (TLC)

Hilda Pettit (Graduate Student)

Linda Robertson (Dir. Center for International & Intercultural Studies)

Mary Tipton (Consultant)


Global Learning Study Group Task: Create global learning outcomes, curricular experiences and an assessment framework based on those outcomes for all undergraduate students in EHHS.